Crazy for Baked Doughnuts

I recently made a new purchase for my kitchen. It was a very good and very bad decision all at the same time. I bought a doughnut pan. Yes, my life got whole lot fatter (or awesome) with this purchase. You can make a panful of 6 doughnuts at anytime… and eat a panful of six doughnuts at anytime. They’re baked so that instantly makes them healthier than their fried doughnut siblings, right?

Apparently these doughnut pans have been a thing for quite a while now. I am late to the party, but is being late to a doughnut party really a bad thing? That just means there are more recipes already out there to make! Go ahead, buy one for your own kitchen and make these!

Baked Apple Cider Doughnuts

Dark Chocolate Cake Doughnuts

Almond Doughnuts w/ Cherry Glaze

Vanilla Bean Doughnuts

Oreo Baked Doughnuts

Just to be clear, I am by no means saying these are healthy, but every now and then we need to indulge our cravings for doughnuts so why not have this wonderful, genius pan around for such a time?!

What kind of donut is your favorite to eat?

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