Creative DIY Makeup Storage Ideas

Whether you love makeup or you only stick to the bare minimum the chances are you own some kind of makeup collection. How you store your makeup stash varies from woman to woman… some keep them in a makeup bag, a drawer, a Caboodle, nicely displayed for all to see and some women throw it all into a basket they store under the bathroom sink.

Now, I love makeup and I have for years, but makeup storage is something I have always had an issue with. One problem is for me most the time the saying, “out of sight, out of mind,” rings true. The other problem I have is like many women I tend to be a creature of habit from day to day and I find myself turning to one or two makeup looks because they work and I’ve done them so often that I can get the looks done in no time.

For Christmas I got several amazing makeup palettes as gifts that I just love. Not only is the makeup inside amazing, but the actual palettes themselves are very pretty. As I tried to figure out a way to store these beauties I turned to Pinterest for some creative diy makeup storage ideas.

I decided to store my makeup on shelves, so I went to Target and purchased small shelves for $12. The shelves I bought are actually meant to sit onto of a desk as an organizer, however, I envisioned them mounted to my wall. Needless to say I also made a stop by the hardware store to pick up some wall mounts. While this doesn’t display my whole makeup collection, it does display my makeup palettes, lip glosses, perfumes and a jewelry box filled with MAC eyeshadows.

One cool diy makeup storage project I came across was the Magnetic Makeup Board. This is a really fun way to store your most used makeup for very quick access. This is a great idea for dorms or a small space with limited storage. I plan on making one of these boards very soon to store the makeup I use everyday. You can use a magnetic dry erase board for a quick set-up or you can make your own board that can work with the décor of the room. If you want to make your very own magnetic makeup board here are the instructions for this creative diy project.

What you’ll need:
A picture frame in the size you want your board to be (discard the glass inside the frame). You can pick a cheap one up at a thrift store and paint it whatever color you wish it to be.
Metal sheet… someone at the hardware store should be able to cut it to fit in the frame.
Fabric large enough to cover the sheet of metal.
Spray adhesive
Small round magnets – you will want to get the extra strength ones and these can be found at any craft store.
Hot glue gun

If you choose to paint your frame you will want to do that first and let dry. Spray the metal sheet with adhesive and smooth the fabric over it while careful to avoid any wrinkles in the fabric during application. Use your hot glue gun to attach the small magnets to the back of your makeup. Once everything is dry you can begin to assemble your makeup board by placing the fabric covered metal in the frame followed by securing the back of the frame into place. You can now hang your new makeup board wherever you wish and attach your now magnetic makeup. Side note: if you wish to store your makeup brushes and tubes of makeup on your board, you can find magnetic pencil holders at any office supply store.

How do you store your makeup?

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