Crock Pot your way to Dinner

The Crock-Pot is a busy lady’s best friend. What is better than throwing some ingredients together in the morning and going about your packed full day to come home to a warm meal waiting for you? Well, I guess a cute fella being the one the slaving over the stove all day making that warm meal and having it ready and on the table when you walk in the door may be better, but the crock-pot is the next best thing, right?

I love my crock-pot! I’m sad to say I never fully appreciated the kitchen appliance until this past year. Once my schedule filled up and I didn’t have as much time to play around in my kitchen my crock-pot has become a lifesaver. It is great for easy prep dinners and the options are really endless. You can even throw some ingredients in it before bed and wake up to a warm breakfast before heading out the door. Crock-pots are also a huge help in prepping your ingredients for the week. Need some shredded chicken for a few meals? Throw it in the crock-pot! How about some beans? Save some money and buy the dry beans to throw in your crock-pot! Whoever thought to invent such a useful kitchen appliance, pure genius.

Try some of my favorite Crock-pot recipes!

Honey Sesame Chicken
BBQ Beer Pulled Pork Tacos
Blue Cheese, Pear + Walnut Stuffed Chicken
Chicken Nachos
Enchilada Soup
Curried Vegetable + Chickpea Stew
Broccoli Cheese Quiche
Overnight Oatmeal w/ Apricots + Buttermilk

What are your favorite crock-pot recipes?


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