Drinks to Warm You Up!

Winter made its grand entrance this past week.  Temperatures below freezing and plenty of snow flurries made it just in time for Christmas.  But now that Christmas is over, are you done with the winter weather? I am okay with cold as long as there is snow and if I don’t have anything to do or anywhere to be.  Other that, the older I get I become less and less a fan of the cold.  Who is with me?

Although bundling up every time you need to go anywhere, having to scrap ice off your windshield every morning, and having to double up on the socks can get annoying real fast. I love the cold weather for being an excuse to get cozy under a pile of blankets and sip on a nice, hot drink! So if you need to warm up this winter, these drinks are sure to help!

Hot Toddy Time!
A boozy way to warm up! It is also said that hot toddies are great for helping colds. Sounds like a good excuse to drink one, or two, of these each night by the fire buried under blankets while watching your favorite shows. Try a Gingery Apple Hot ToddyOrange Ginger Hot Toddy or a Blackberry Hot Toddy.

Hot Chocolate!
Who doesn’t have fond memories of coming in from playing in the snow all day to enjoy a piping hot cup of hot chocolate topped with whip cream or marshmallows. It’s a classic nostalgic drink that is just perfect for cold winter nights. Try Crock Pot Coconut Hot ChocolatePeppermint Hot Chocolate or this Hazelnut Hot Chocolate.

What is your favorite hot drink to sip on when it’s cold outside?

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