Dye hair naturally with tea

dye hair naturally with teaGoing to the salon for a little hair TLC is always nice, but it can get expensive. Whether you just don’t have the money, don’t want to use dyes with harsh chemicals or just never colored your hair before and want to try something subtle before taking the hair color plunge there is an easy and green way to color your hair at home.

You can naturally dye your hair using tea bags! While you won’t get any shocking or intense color results when using tea, it is a great way to add a little dimension to your mane by adding shine and boosting your hair color. So what teas work best with your hair color?

If you have…
Black hair 
use… Chinese Black Tea,  Fujian Congou Black Tea or Wild Ginger.
Dark brown hair use… Earl Grey or Ceylon Black Tea.
Light brown hair use… Summer Berries Tea or Blackberry Black Tea.
Red hair use… Royal Velvet Rooibos or any Lavender Rooibos Tea.
Blonde hair use… Classic Chamomile Tea.

Now that you are armed knowing what tea to use for your hair color, how do you apply it? Simply boil water and steep your tea as you normally would (if you have long hair, you might want to brew two cups), but wait for your tea to cool down to room temperature. Once the tea has cooled all you have to do is apply the tea just like you would a rinse making sure to saturate all of your strands. Leave it in your hair for 3 to 10 minutes, for a deeper effect leave in for 20 to 30 minutes.

How do you color your hair? 

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