Indie Spotlight: Storm Circus

Storm CircusKansas City musician Storm Circus, or Corey Martin as his friends know him, is a simple one man singing sensation. Corey, previously of the Radiance Effect, found his voice on acoustic tours and after the dissolution of the Radiance Effect, decided to pursue the acoustic sounds his fans seemed to favor. Similar in style to the Civil Wars, Bon Iver, and Dashboard Confessional, Corey pursues a dark folk sound with honesty and depth. Corey says, “I’m fusing a load of lifetime experiences and a plethora of great memories within tragedy to make a group of songs best heard with your eyes closed. My music and myself are all just about getting real, expressing true feelings and talking about what really matters.”

His first EP, Alpha released in October 2013. The EP has 5 songs on it. “Around the World,” “Fishes,” “Castle,” “Different,” and “Gonna Be Hell.” Fans of Storm Circus loved the EP and many could relate to the lyrics. One fan even questioned if Corey wrote the song “Different” for her son, specifically with the line, “They say go to school, get good grades, grow up strong, and graduate, chase that American dream like it will keep you safe, but I am afraid I can’t see it that way.” While Corey didn’t write about her son, he has admitted that many of his songs were born from conversations with his friends.

Storm Circus’ new song, “Ocean” was released on July 11 and has the same feel of his Alpha EP. It’s a song about “being absolutely in love with someone who’s absolutely wrong for you.” Corey adds, “Ocean captures the powerful struggle of love. It unravels a couple caught deeply in one another, passionate and intensely needing each other but paralleled to their affection they are unable to completely deal with issues of trust, lies and secrets. Perfectly in love, but completely heartbroken.” This piano driven, slow song, croons, “I wish I could just forget you. You fill me up with sweet emotion. You shoot me down and leave me broken. We are an ocean, beautiful in motion but dangerous.”

You can listen and purchase “Ocean” here.

His new EP, “Pieces” is due out on September 16. Another song on the EP is entitled “Chasing” and Corey has this to say about it, “I have a song coming out on my new record called ‘Chasing.’ It addresses our crazy desire to possess beauty more than anything else and how crazy that can make us.” The EP also features Sascha Groschang of The Wires  playing cello on two of the songs, as well as Gentry Stanley of Glad Ghosts playing piano.

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