Indie Summer Music Finds

Summer can be a slow time when it comes to new music releases. A lot of artists are on summer tours or in the studio preparing for fall releases. However, there  are still a handful of artists who take this time to release new music to their fans, often times in the form of an EP to hold their fans over until their next full-length.  Here are a few indie Summer releases to check out while your enjoy some fun in the sun.


ahey_coverAndrew Leahey & The Homestead

Summer Sleeves- April 12, 2013



Stand out track: “Don’t Make Me Sad”

Nashville based singer songwriter Andrew Leahey grew up with musical influences such as Tom Petty and Ryan Adams. While these influences may be subtle in his own music, Leahey leans toward a more Americana folk sound on his records.  Along with his band  The Homestead, Leahey released a self-titled full-length debut back in 2011. Late this spring the band released Summer Sleeves, a four track EP that could be considered a follow up to their previous record. Similar in sound, Leahey provides listeners with a series of stories and lessons on Summer Sleeves.  A big believer and supporter of indie music himself, Leahey decided to release this record independently as he did his first. If you are into Americana rock with a touch of southern twang this is a record you are going to want to check out.  If you live in the Nashville area you can see Leahey this fall at 3rd and Linsley, for more information on this show and how to purchase a copy of Summer Sleeves  visit Leahey’s website listed above.


Holley MaherEUPHORICS_1600

Euphorics- June 18, 2013

Twitter: @HolleyMaher


Stand out Track: ” Golden”

Holley Maher is another artist that comes to us from Nashville.  Her voice can be compared to singers such as Lenka, Lilly Allen and Regina Specktor. Euphorics  a five track EP  which was released June 18 by Maher. It was the brain child of a very collaborative team of Nashville music business gurus. The team included Maher herself,  musician  Kyle Andrews and producer Chris Grainger. The indie pop sound  on Euphorics is not only catchy but thought provoking. Maher has released three EP ‘s since debuting in 2011. With the support of the local Nashville scene Maher has received positive feedback in  a town that can be  a tad over-saturated when it comes to the music industry. Maher has shared the stage with artists such as Marie Hines and Brook Annibale. Whether relaxing on the beach or driving with your windows down this is a refreshing female vocal effort you are going to want to give a listen to.



VD_SAM_coverVincent Draper And The Dirty Thirty

Sam- July 27, 2013

Twitter: @VDWolfe


Stand Out Track:  “I Don’t Mind”

Vincent Draper and The Dirty Thirty are a Salt Lake City band that has been spear headed by lead singer Vincent Draper. Prior to starting the Dirty Thirty, Draper was part of the SLC band Small Town Sinners for five years. While Small Town Sinners stylistically leaned more in the direction of a  indie country band, Draper took a step in a different direction with the Dirty Thirty. Draper and the Dirty Thirty,embrace a much more raw folk sound.  The band will be releasing their latest EP  Sam independently  later this month. The record is just a taste of what to can look forward to hearing from Draper this Fall. Draper is currently in the studio with friend and fellow musician Charles Ellsworth. The two are working on a a collaborative album featuring songs written and performed by both artists. If you like what you hear stayed tuned for more on Draper and his full-length album being released in September. If you are a fan of The National or Neil Young  give Sam a spin. Stay connected with Draper and The Dirty Thirty on Facebook for more information on where you can get your copy in a few weeks.



a0733809490_2Christopher Reyne

A Stranger At The Wheel- June 11

Twitter: @ChrisReyne


Stand Out Track: ” The Notorious KellyMonroe”

Christopher Reyne is a singer, songwriter and talented piano player from Portland. Honing his skills for many years, Reyne begin his recording career two years ago in a home studio.  His piano driven rock sound is one that is catchy yet dark at times. Compared to artists such as Death Cab For Cutie and Radiohead, Reyne stack’s layers of his vocals in each song to create chilling yet powerful melodies and sounds. Reyne released his first full-length record last month entitled A Stranger At The Wheel. The 10 track record is one Reyne worked hard at using as a way to grow as a person in self-development.  This is made clear after listening to many tracks that feel like honest journal entries put to music.  Anyone who who gravitates towards the piano driven rock genre will find this record very appealing. You can grab your copy for $7 on Reyne’s website listed above.

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